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We provide solutions for medically related hair loss and strive to offer the very best medical wig products designed for Alopecia. Each of the products that we have selected are for daily wear and can be removed at the end of each day. They do not require the use of bonding adhesives and can be removed at any time by you. Our goal is for you to feel confident with your hair replacement. We make every effort to give you the necessary information to help you with making a decision regarding which hair prosthesis will be the best solution for your situation.

An explanation of the special features of each wig will be provided to you along with information regarding fit and cap construction. You will have a choice of products with regard to type of hair, size of the cap, materials used in constructing the cap and length of hair. All types of the human hair women’s wigs that we have selected are in unfinished lengths and will need to be cut and styled by your own personal hair stylist. This will enable you to select the best length and cap constructions to suit your individual needs, comfort and style.

We will be happy to provide you with a measurement guide with descriptive pictures or you will find some detailed information regarding the measurement guide on our site. It will instruct you how to take the circumference measurement as well as some additional measurements that will help us to determine which of the products will be a good solution and fit for you. The circumference measurement for each of the products can be found on the product page along with a detailed description for each of the products.

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