About Us

I was diagnosed with alopecia in my early twenties.  Over the years I searched for the best products. I visited all of the local wig shops and hair replacement specialty salons, purchasing what I would think would be the answer to my problem.  Then, I traveled to other cities to see if they possibly might have something better than what I had previously found. Eventually I had tried an assortment of machine made wigs, customized wigs from many different hair replacement salons, and then several customized vacuum wigs.

This led to my determination to find the very best manufacturers of medical specialty wigs and solutions that I could share with other women experiencing the same frustrations and challenges with their situation. When I first began working with women experiencing alopecia or undergoing chemotherapy treatments, I became acquainted with oncologists and dermatologists who became invaluable mentors that provided me with factual medical knowledge and were also very willing to speak and interact at support group meetings.

Every woman handles the unexpected challenge of losing their hair in a very personal and different manner. I have found that many women even in the best of circumstances still feel uncomfortable confronting the necessary steps to find hair replacement products.

My goal is to be able to provide you with the necessary information about wigs, how to take care of them, and give you many helpful tips that I have learned through experience over the past thirty two years. I began with developing the website womenwigsolutions.com in hopes of making a woman’s journey of coping with hair loss an experience that would empower her with knowledge, support, confidence, and the product choices available to her. Now, with the Confident Reflections Series of Specialty Wigs, my objective is to provide the availability of excellent quality products specifically designed for women experiencing the challenge of alopecia or undergoing chemotherapy treatments.