Accessories that provide comfort and security for wigs

Comfort and a secure fit are very important when wearing a wig.  Your will be less self conscious and more at ease when the right fit is achieved.

Some of the wig accessories that can be helpful in this situation are listed below with a brief description of the products and the benefit that they provide:

  • Transparent Wig tape adheres to the tape tab material that is on the inside of some caps.  It will adhere well to polyurethane base materials.  It may be used on thin skin like poly material.
  • Soft cotton t-shirt material is an excellent way to provide comfort to sensitive scalps.  It may be worn under the cap of the wig to prevent itching and irritation that may occur during treatments.
  • A Gel band that fits around the perimeter of the head provides added comfort and fit.  It will keep the wig from shifting and sliding around.
  • A tape attachment kit provides pieces of a special tape tab material that can be sewn into the base of the cap if the use of transparent tape is needed for added security.
  • A wig chin strap is an excellent accessory to have when cutting, styling, or blowing the hair dry.  It will keep the wig securely on the head and prevent shifting.

These products are provided by Confident Reflections™, to learn more about or purchase these products, you can go to women’s lace front wigs.