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Alopecia Wigs

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The Confident Reflections™ series of hand crafted wigs for alopecia are extremely light weight and feature a selection of soft base mesh materials, lace fronts, ultra thin skin material, silicone non-slip materials, European human hair and Remy human hair. The designs are created for comfort, fit, and natural appearance.

Ashley is a cranial hair prosthesis for alopecia totalis or total hair loss that provides an ultra light thin skin stretchable base. It is combined with a breathable mesh material that provides an appearance that hair is growing from the scalp. The Remy human hair has been specially treated to resist tangling.

Alisha is a cranial hair prosthesis for alopecia totalis designed for African American Women. This medical wig features the ultra thin skin stretchable base that is combined with the breathable mesh material. The lace front can be trimmed to achieve a natural appearing hairline. This prosthesis is available in a special textured relaxed human hair or in the Remy human hair.

Isabella is the European human hair cranial prosthesis. It is available in a 9” or 14” length. This popular medical wig features a non-slip material in the top, ear tabs, and nape of the neck. There is elastic behind the ear area for added fit. The soft mesh material in the cap provides comfort for women who may have a sensitive scalp.

Madison and Natalie are designed with Remy human hair. They feature a French lace front with a stretchable silicone non-slip material around the entire perimeter of the head. Lauren offers a natural skin-like material on the top and front of the cap. There is a non-slip material on the ear tabs and nape of the neck. There are adjustable hooks at the nape of the neck for fit.

Sophie is a layered overall 5” cranial hair prosthesis. It has very soft base materials and is extremely light weight. It features the non-slip material at the front, ear tab, and nape of the neck. The French lace front can be trimmed to achiever the desired hairline.

Samantha and Serena are full cap cranial prostheses. They are an overall soft mesh base material that is hand made with a tape tab material at the top front of the cap and at the nape of the neck. There is an elastic adjustment for fit at the nape of the neck. The Serena is available in textured relaxed hair or in Remy human hair.

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