Can I sleep in a wig?

Many times women prefer to sleep in their prosthesis.   I always recommend that you do not sleep in the same wig that you will be wearing during the day.  There are several options for sleeping if you prefer a wig instead of a scarf or turban.  The use of an older prosthesis that has been worn during the day that needs to be replaced due to the hair thinning or general wear is a solution that can extend the use of your prostheses.  Each time that you replace your prosthesis that you wear during the day, the older one can be worn for sleeping at night. 

When caring for the prosthesis that is worn at night, it is suggested that each morning you brush all of the tangles from the hair. This will help to keep the hair from matting and frizzing. You will find that if the hair is not brushed each morning, it will become extremely difficult to remove the tangles.  The few minutes that you spend taking the necessary steps to care for the prosthesis will extend the wear, appearance, and comfort that you will experience on a daily basis. It is very helpful to use a silk or satin pillow case to prevent friction, tangling and excessive damage to the hair.

The prosthesis should be washed and conditioned at least once a week when it is used for sleeping. Each time before washing the prosthesis, brush through the hair to remove any loose hairs.  The loose hairs can also cause tangling when washing. Once the hair has been washed and conditioned, be sure to rinse the inside of the cap thoroughly to remove the build up of any excess shampoo or conditioner. A build up residue of shampoo or conditioner on the inside of the cap can cause itching of the scalp. The hair can then be placed on a wire wig stand or over a tall bottle to air dry.

If preferred, you can use a very thin cotton liner underneath the wig for comfort.  A clean soft cotton liner can be used each night to reduce the build up of oils from the scalp on the inside of the cap.

Other solutions that are options are a synthetic wig that has a cotton head band attached, a less expensive synthetic wig, or a less expensive human hair wig that is light weight.  A lighter density of hair will be cooler and more comfortable for sleeping.

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