Care For Solid Surface Areas In Hair Prostheses

Hair prostheses will sometimes have a combination of materials used in the design of the caps.  The materials used may be a poly thin skin material or possibly a silicone material.

When washing and conditioning, be sure to rinse the inside of the cap well to remove any residue left from the shampoo and conditioner.  Do not place conditioner directly on the root area of the cap.  This may cause the hair to release from the cap.

At times, between washing and styling, you may need to clean the inside of the cap to remove excess oil that may be on the inside of the cap from the scalp.

It is helpful to clean the scalp with a mild soap or a damp cloth with witch hazel between each use of the prosthesis.  To remove the build up of oil from the inside of the cap, take a damp cloth with witch hazel (squeeze out the excess water) and gently wipe down the solid surface of the inside of the cap. This can be repeated with plain water on a wash cloth, being sure to not use more than just a damp cloth so that it will not affect the hair style between washing and styling.

Keeping the scalp very clean will prevent a build up of oil on the inside of the cap. This will prevent itching and the cap will be more comfortable to wear.

It is not recommended that you sleep in the same hair prosthesis or wig that you will be wearing during the day. A sleep wig or one of your older wigs can be worn if you prefer to sleep in a wig or prosthesis.