Women undergoing chemotherapy treatments may initially choose a synthetic wig that is the closest shade and length to their own hairstyle.  Many times a short chemotherapy wig is selected right away as they begin their treatments knowing that the hair will be coming back in a few months. Breast cancer patients may have a little difficulty with lifting their arms if having some surgery.  The ease of care and comfort is appreciated while recovering from treatments.

Some chemotherapy patients will want to get a short wig as their treatment progresses since it will get closer to the time that their hair will be growing back in. This will take place several weeks after their treatments are completed. The timing for regrowth may be different for each individual. A shorter hairstyle may be chosen at this time until there has been significant regrowth of their hair.

There are a few accessories that may be helpful to have with your chemotherapy wig. A folding wig stand is open and allows your wig to air dry quickly since the air is able to circulate underneath the wig.

A chin strap will clip on each ear tab and go underneath the chin. This is adjustable for comfort and holds the wig in place for any necessary styling and trimming of the hair by your hair stylist. If you would like to have a more secure fit you may want to try a comfy band that will go underneath the wig. It will go underneath the wig and has a Velcro closure to adjust the fit and comfort.

Some women may prefer to have a Human hair wig to wear while they are having their treatments. They are good solutions for chemotherapy patients with the stretch mesh and adjustable nape areas. An excellent solution is the short human hair wig with the silicone areas and stretch mesh. It has a reinforced nape area that stays close to the back of the head for a natural appearance.

If you would like to have a naturally appearing human hair wig with the most secure fit, a cap that has the ability to customize the fit with the thin skin material is a good choice when there is total hair loss. This type of wig will be an excellent fit with a very comfortable base. It can be used until the hair starts to regrow and then one of the caps with some additional stretch will be a good choice following the completion of the chemotherapy treatments as the hair begins to grow in thicker. It will allow room in the cap as the hair gets longer and thicker.