Coping With the Physical Aspects of Hair Loss

Sometimes we only think of hair as something that provides a fashion statement. Hair is actually on our body to provide warmth and protection.

When there are exposed areas of the skin where hair has been lost, it is helpful to use sunscreen to protect these sensitive areas. Wearing wigs, scarves, and hats will help to provide the warmth and protection necessary from the sun exposure.

If eyelashes have been lost, the use of glasses or sunglasses will help to protect you eyes from debris and dust. Ask your doctor to prescribe some drops for your eyes if they become dry and irritated.

Sometimes there can be sinus and nasal irritation if the hairs in the nose have been lost. It is sometimes helpful to use a special ointment in the nose to help to prevent irritation. The nose hairs are there to provide protection from germs and dust. If you are experiencing problems, you should ask your physician to recommend something that will help you with this situation.

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