Custom Quality Breathable Base Cranial Prosthesis

Another choice for women experiencing Alopecia Totalis is a custom quality cranial prosthesis with a combination of very thin skin-like stretchable material with tiny ventilation holes, hand tied crown and back of the head, with a French lace front that can be trimmed to achieve a natural hairline.

The base can be trimmed around the perimeter to achieve a customized fit and a more natural appearance. It is extremely light weight and comfortable and provides a breathable base. The human hair has had the cuticle removed to prevent tangling and ease of care. It can be cared for and styled just as naturally growing hair.

This product is reported by many to be one of the most comfortable with an excellent fit. It is very light weight and provides a very natural appearance. This product will need to be replaced every three to four months due to the delicate cap construction.