Do Medical Wigs have bases that can be trimmed to fit your head?

Since it is impossible to make a pre-made wig that will fit every size head, there are a few excellent options of hair pieces that can be trimmed around the perimeter of the base.   A well fitting wig will be more comfortable and have a more natural appearance. These products are excellent choices for women who want to be empowered by having an excellent product that they can adjust the size of the cap by trimming the base to achieve the hairline of their choice. Only the best materials are used in creating and designing these hair replacements. They are constructed with 100% Remy Human Hair.

Ultra-thin stretchable skin-like  breathable base wig with French lace front
(ideal for total hair loss – alopecia totalis)
This product has a stretchable skin-like material around the perimeter and a French lace front.  The French lace front can be trimmed to achieve a more natural hairline.  The stretchable thin skin-like base can be trimmed around the perimeter to give you the best fit. Transparent tape can be used at the ear tab area or on the thin skin-like material if preferred. This product will have a suction-like effect once it is on your head for a few minutes.  It will not slip or shift and the breathable base produces a very natural appearance as if hair is growing from the scalp.

Due to the very fine materials used in constructing this cap, it is suggested that they be replaced every three to four months if they are worn every day.  Once you have tried this hair replacement, you may find that you will prefer to have two to interchange at all times. This product is one of the most comfortable and natural in appearance for someone experiencing alopecia totalis. It can be styled and cut by your hair stylist in any length or cut.

The styling capabilities are unlimited with this versatile and natural hair enhancement. It can be cut and styled on your head in the salon just as naturally growing hair.  You can have added security by adding some tape to the thin skin base for styling purposes.  This product can be removed each day and a new piece of tape added to the ear tab area.  It is an excellent choice for someone who wants to be able to use tape for added security.

Combination lace front, handmade soft mesh, and non-slip silicone base wig
This is an excellent product for someone who is experiencing alopecia or undergoing chemotherapy treatments.

This product features a non-slip silicone material around the perimeter of the cap to provide extra security reducing shifting and slippage of the wig.   The French lace front can be trimmed to achieve a natural hairline. This is a very light weight and comfortable wig with a fine mesh breathable base that will provide a very natural appearance.  The non-slip material can be trimmed to achieve a better fit and provide more comfort.

Keep in mind when making your selections that tape will not adhere to the wigs that have a silicone base material around the perimeter. The silicone non-slip material adheres to the head lightly and this keeps it from shifting or sliding without the use of tape.

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