Having a difficult time wearing a wig?

I am having a difficult time wearing a wig. Are there any suggestions for making this easier? In the beginning, try to wear the wig for only 1 or 2 hours at a time during the day. You can gradually increase the time as it becomes more familiar.

If the cap seems to irritate your scalp, you can wear a cotton liner underneath the wig. If the wig has an elastic adjustment, check to see if the circumference is too tight and that you have the best possible fit.

There is a product called comfy grip that can be worn under certain wigs. This will take the pressure off certain areas of the wig and it will help it to stay secure and prevent shifting.

Try removing the wig and wash your head with cool or warm water several times a day. Heat is lost through the top of the head and this is helpful especially on warm days. Be sure to rinse your head well if soap is used. A residue of soap can cause the scalp to itch.

Witch hazel is also an option to use. Remove your wig for just a few minutes. Take a damp wash cloth and add a small amount of witch hazel and gently go over your head and this will refresh the scalp. It makes an amazing difference!

The area just behind your ears near the occipital bone can be very sensitive for some women. If the wig rests on this area or is too tight, then it can cause headaches. Sometimes adjusting the wig in this area can make a huge difference in comfort.

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