Helpful Tips for women experiencing alopecia areata, totalis, and universalis

Here are some helpful tips for women experiencing alopecia areata, totalis, and universalis. If you have any other questions, never hesitate to ask me question and I will be happy help in any way I can.

If you have lost your eyelashes, it will help to protect you eyes from airborne objects to wear glasses or sunglasses when possible. Our eyelashes normally prevent dust, pollen, and other objects from getting into our eyes. Sunglasses will also protect sensitive eyes from excessive sunlight.

The loss of eyebrows can be replaced with a variety of cosmetics that will stay on for long periods of time. Also, there are removable tattoos for eyebrows that will stay on for several days available on the market today. Both of these are good options since they are not permanent and will reduce the risk of complications of allergic reactions.

Reimbursement for wigs – Insurance
If you would like to pursue reimbursement by your insurance company for the necessary wig, it is advisable that you have:

  • A prescription by your doctor for a medical cranial prosthesis.
  • A letter of medical necessity for a cranial prosthesis from your doctor.
  • A copy of a bill stating medical cranial prosthesis from the provider of the prosthesis.

Fitting of the cap of wig or hair replacement product.

You will find that comfort will be of the utmost importance when wearing a wig or cranial prosthesis. If comfort is one of your top priorities, there are products designed so that the cap can be trimmed around the perimeter to fit the shape of your head.

This type of human hair wig can be secured with a small amount of transparent tape at the ear tabs and if you prefer more security, tape can be added in several locations around the perimeter of the cap. This type of cap is a soft, flexible, and very thin skin-like material.

For added comfort there is a combination of a breathable cap construction located in the top and back areas of the prosthesis so that the scalp is able to breathe. Due to the light weight of the product, it will be much cooler. The soft flexible base adheres well to the scalp, providing security and prevents the prosthesis from shifting. These products are a little more expensive; however the comfort and natural appearance will make it worth it.

Alopecia Wigs with elastic adjustments at the nape of the neck.
If the cap sits too close to the ears and puts pressure on the bone (mastoid) behind the ear, it can result in discomfort and headaches

If using a type of wig that has elastic adjustments around the perimeter, the use of a comfort band around the perimeter might reduce some of the pressure of the wig. The use of a wig cap or a very thin piece of cotton cut to the right size can be worn underneath the wig if there is a problem of discomfort from the wig cap. If you sleep in your wig, placing the cotton liner cut to size under the wig will make it more comfortable.

Synthetic wigs
Synthetic wigs will be very easy to care for. When washed in cold water and allowed to air dry over a tall bottle or open wire or plastic wig stand, the style will return when it is dry since it is set into the synthetic fiber. Be sure to wait to brush the wig until it is completely dry. This will keep the fiber from stretching and becoming damaged and allow the wig to return to the style that is set into the fiber.

Caution should be used around heat with synthetic fibers. Do not use hot rollers, curling irons, hot hairdryers, or hot water to wash the wigs. Extreme caution should be used when opening oven doors. Stand back as you open the door to let the first blast of heat release from the oven and be cautious to not touch the hair to the top of the oven.

I have seen many ruined synthetic wigs from getting too close the edge of the oven. It will melt the fiber and it is reduced to frizz. The same caution should be used near an open fireplace. When cared for properly, synthetic wigs are some of the easiest to care for and they come in a variety of styles and cap constructions. Some of the hand tied synthetic wigs are very natural looking and can be comfortable with the correct fit.

Human Hair wigs and cranial prosthesis
There are many different types of human hair products available on the market today. For someone experiencing Alopecia totalis, there are a variety of solutions available in human hair prosthesis.

Some of the products are virgin hair, European, Remy, Indian, Asian, etc. Some of the human hair products have had the cuticle removed in order to achieve easier care for the product. This will help to prevent the hair from tangling. When the cuticle is still on the hair, care in making the product and having the cuticle of each hair going in the same direction is very important. If not, the hair will become so tangled making it very difficult to take care of. Caution should be used when ordering expensive hair.

Always ask whether the cuticle has been removed and how the product will be constructed. There are some excellent human hair products available where the cuticle has been removed which prevent tangling. They are easier to care for, however the hair has been processed and will probably not last quite as long. There are pros and cons for each type of hair. It will come down to personal preference and what will work the best for you. All wigs and cranial prosthesis will have to be replaced periodically. They will wear out and fade just as clothing does, especially if it is worn every day.

Vacuum based wigs
Another option for women experiencing alopecia totalis is a silicone vacuum based wig. There are several companies that can custom make this type of hair prosthesis. A mold will be made of your head to insure a good fit. The prosthesis will stay on achieving a vacuum type suction. These products are made with an excellent quality of hair. Periodically, the prosthesis may have to be sent off to have repairs made when the hair begins to thin out. They have a very natural appearance.

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