How do I keep the wig from itching?

If you are experiencing discomfort and itching while wearing your wig, there are several suggestions that might be of help. When washing the wig, it is extremely important that you rinse all of the shampoo from the wig thoroughly. If there is a residue or build up of the shampoo, it can cause irritation to the scalp. Be sure to rinse the inside base of the cap numerous times since this is the area next to the scalp. The same procedure of rinsing the inside of the cap applies when using a conditioner.

Another idea that might be helpful is to remove the wig several times a day and clean your scalp with witch hazel applied to a clean damp wash cloth.You can also rinse with water after applying the witch hazel. You will find that this will refresh your scalp and remove any oil build-up that is on the scalp. To do this on a regular basis will prevent oils from building up on the inside of the cap which can cause itching.

The use of a very light weight 100% cotton liner can be worn under the wig. You can purchase some very thin and light weight cotton t-shirts. Trim them to a shape smaller than the base of the cap and wear under the wig. Be sure to leave the areas exposed to your scalp that will provide security of the wig so that it will not slide around or shift.

Many times with a hand-tied wig, the strands of hair will come back through the base. This can cause itching as well. Careful combing and brushing will help to prevent this from happening Also, it is important to follow the care instructions of the manufacturer of the wig. This will also help to prevent the hair from coming back through the cap of the wig.

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