The human hair wig are selections of Remy and European human hair. The creative and unique designs provide comfort, quality, and a very natural appearance. The styles are for daily wear and can be removed each day. A variety of attachments, cap constructions, lengths of hair and base materials provide comfort and security.

Ashley is a full cap cranial prosthesis that is designed for alopecia totalis. The ultra thin skin material and breathable base are extremely light weight. The French lace front can be trimmed to achieve a desired hairline. Alisha is the same cap design as Ashley. Alisha is available in a textured relaxed hair for African American Women. It is also available in the Remy human hair.

The popular European human hair wig is Isabella. It is available in a 9” and 14” length. The cap is made with a soft lace mesh material and the non-slip silicone material. The French lace front can be trimmed to the desired hairline. This cranial hair prosthesis is 100% hand made and is available in 10 European human hair colors.

The Samantha and the Serena are full cap cranial hair prosthesis. They are hand crafted with an overall mesh base that has a poly tape material at the front and nape of the neck. There is an elastic adjustable band for fit. The Samantha is available in the Remy human hair. Serena is available in a textured relaxed human hair for African American Women and also in the Remy human hair.

Sophie and Macie are excellent short style medical wigs that come in an overall 5” layered length. The soft base materials are completely hand made. They both feature the non-slip silicone material that will keep the wig from shifting and slipping. The French lace front provides a natural appearing hairline.

Madison is a 100% Remy human hair wig that features a French lace front. It is available in 13 colors. The design has the non-slip silicone material that goes around the entire perimeter of the cap that is combined with a breathable mesh material. The Lauren features a natural skin appearing top. This is a popular and well fitting wig that adapts to different types of hair loss. The soft mesh materials are combined with the non-slip material at the nape of neck and the ear tab area. The hair appears to be growing from the scalp at the top of the head. This very versatile cranial hair prosthesis comes in 20 colors.