Living with Hair Loss

Living with hair loss can be very challenging. The emotional and physical changes that occur will require patience, courage, support from family and friends, and most important of all, your recognition of the valuable person that you are.

Self image is not determined by the amount of hair that one has or does not have. It is determined by who you are, how you handle the challenges in life, and the determination you have to overcome difficult circumstances and obstacles.

Many women find it helpful to speak with a counselor to help them with coping techniques. It is important to try to find a counselor who has had some experience with this condition.

Talking with other women who are experiencing the same condition can be invaluable. Sharing experiences and coping techniques can be very helpful and reduce the stress of the situation. Just knowing that you are not alone with this condition can provide some comfort.

Each of us will find our own special ways to cope with this condition. It is a very personal and challenging journey that we must take.

Thankfully, there are many excellent products available today that provide all types of solutions for women who are faced with hair loss.

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