Our Medical wigs have been chosen to reflect the needs of women experiencing Alopecia or undergoing chemotherapy treatments.  We would like to offer realistic and practical solutions for their situation.  It can be a difficult adjustment at times when the side effect of medications is the loss of hair.

The adjustment of suddenly wearing a wig when hair is lost can be frustrating at times. We strive to select medical wigs with the soft and comfortable materials inside of the caps for sensitive skin. The volume of the hair in the wig is extremely important and we try to find a good balance with the weight and density to provide a natural appearance.
Two of the products, Sophie and Macie are some of the shorter layered wig styles with the human hair. They are made with very light weight and comfortable materials. Women who are experiencing hair loss from Alopecia, Chemotherapy or other medical treatments may find these wigs a good solution if they enjoy the shorter hairstyles.

Inside of the cap of the Sophie and Macie, there is a soft mesh material combined with the special silicone material. The silicone material sticks to the head as it begins to heat up when you put on the wig. This effect will keep the wig form shifting on the head. The soft mesh cap has a special silicone non slip material to keep the wig from shifting on the head. Also, the human hair in the wig has been specially treated to prevent the tangling of the hair. This will make the care of the product much easier when washing and conditioning the hair.

Women who have had surgery for breast cancer and are undergoing treatments may find that it may be easier to have one of the shorter synthetic styles especially if they are having difficulty lifting their arms. The synthetic medical wigs are so easy to care for and require very little care and styling. The synthetic wigs, Amy and Hannah are very carefree and have the very soft materials inside of the cap. These are very popular medical wigs for women having treatments because they take very little time to maintain.

Women who would like to have the longer more popular silky European hair will prefer the Isabella. The cap of this medical wig also has the silicone material combined with the monofilament and mesh material base. This wig is available in the 9 inch length and also the 14 inch length. There are also several of the other medical wigs that have the softer European hair. The Brooklyn is an excellent quality average size cap and Mia is the petite medical wig with the European human hair. Mia is an excellent choice for women and children with smaller petite heads.

Several of the human hair medical wigs that are excellent solutions for alopecia totalis are the Ashley and Alisha. They have an ultra- thin skin like material that adheres to the head with a suction type effect. Many women find that this wig is an excellent alternative to the vacuum hair prosthesis. It is ideal for someone who wants a naturally appearing and lightweight cap that will allow the scalp to breathe. One of the benefits of this medical wig is that the thin skin like material can be trimmed to achieve the proper fit. This cap is also available in a petite 19 ½ inch size for smaller heads. It also can be an excellent solution for children who have alopecia totalis.

Women who would like to have a medical wig that has the non- slip silicone material will find that the Madison and Natalie medical wigs feature the non-slip silicone material around the entire perimeter of the cap which provides a very secure fit. The heat from the head provides a gentle non-slip effect with the silicone material.

Samantha and Serena are full mesh medical wigs that have a special poly material that tape will adhere to for security. This material is located at the top front and nape area of the cap that is adjustable for comfort.