My mission is to provide women seeking solutions for hair loss the knowledge and confidence that it took me years, more like decades to achieve.

The diagnosis of alopecia areata, alopecia totalis, alopecia universalis, and the side effects of medical treatments like chemotherapy can be very challenging. Enabling women who are experiencing the effects of any type of medical hair loss obtain the necessary hair replacement will give them self-assurance that is essential to their well being.

Hair replacements can provide self-confidence in the work place and social interaction with peers. It is in reality, putting on another necessary piece of clothing to cover an area of your body to keep it warm and to reflect your sense of style.

I would like to share with women the tools to find the best, most natural and comfortable products that will enhance their lives. Finding the right product will empower you to continue living a normal lifestyle and rise above the most challenging of circumstances.

For those requiring special assistance

I am very committed to developing a special program that will provide wigs to women and children that are in need of assistance. Sometimes circumstances become overwhelming when coping with medical conditions and extra help is needed to ensure that women and children have access to hair replacement products that will enable them to have self confidence when entering the workforce or attending school.

Children experiencing alopecia need the support and opportunity to flourish in their interaction with their piers and participation in school activities. This is an area of concern, and public awareness is minimal.

If interested, you will have the opportunity to sponsor these women and children who are experiencing some of the same challenges as you, but do not have the resources necessary to obtain the products needed to manage their situation.