New European Human Hair Medical Wigs

There are some new European Hair Medical Wigs available now in both average and petite cap sizes. The Brooklyn has an average cap size with a hand crafted combination of base materials that offer a 14 inch length with non slip areas in the cap for additional comfort.  The European human hair has a special treatment to prevent tangling.  You will receive full and detailed instructions in order to care properly for your hair prosthesis. 

The Isabella is hand crafted with the European human hair. This prosthesis is available in the average cap size.  You will have a choice of the 9 inch length or the 14 inch length.  There is an elastic area just behind the ear for comfort and fit along with some non slip areas and soft mesh.

For women and children who would like the European human hair but need a smaller cap, Mia, a petite cap is now available in a 19 inch circumference with a 12 inch length. This prosthesis is extremely light weight and has a very light density of hair for a natural appearance and comfort. This is an excellent product for petite women, children or teens.

You will find technical specifications for all of the European Human Hair products along with some inside cap photos and actual product photos on each of the product pages on the Confident Reflection’s sister site

The petite cap European hair prosthesis can also be custom ordered by special request if needed for cap size and hair color. Generally it will take about 8 to 10 weeks for the custom orders however sometimes 6 to 8 weeks depending on the time of year.

For more information about the new Petite European Hair Prostheses please contact Confident Reflections at 1-800-864-9122.