Prostheses with Special Non-Slip Material

Some of the available solutions recently developed in women’s hair prostheses are now being constructed with a special non-slip material that will prevent the wig from shifting and sliding around on the head. The silicone material adheres lightly to the head and allows the prosthesis to stay in place.  The use of tape is not necessary with this type of prosthesis.  The caps are extremely comfortable and light weight.  There are a variety of caps available in Remy human hair, European human hair, and Synthetic fiber.

The special silicone material is generally placed at the top front, ear tab area, and the nape of the neck.  This will provide security and comfort.  In one of the Remy human hair prostheses, the entire perimeter of the cap has been constructed with the silicone material for added security along with a combination of breathable mesh material throughout the rest of the cap.

There is also a good selection of synthetic prosthesis with the non-slip material.  They are extremely light weight and comfortable providing a natural density of hair.  The synthetic prostheses are an excellent solution for chemotherapy patients who would like a prosthesis that is very easy to care for.

Prostheses that are designed with the silicone non-slip material are an excellent option for women who do not want to use tape.  Tape will not adhere to the silicone material.