Sensitivity To Fragrance In Shampoos and Conditioners

Many women experiencing Alopecia or hair loss due to chemotherapy may be sensitive to the perfume or fragrance in some of the shampoos and conditioners.  Some salons will have small reasonably priced sample sizes of the various brands of shampoos for you to try before purchasing a larger quantity of the products.  If you purchase a large quantity each time you try a new brand, it will become quite costly especially if it is a product that you will not ever be able to use.

If you do happen to find that you have a large quantity of the shampoos and conditioners that you can not use, there are many local co-operative ministries that help needy families and women’s shelters that will be very appreciative to receive these products.  Since I have some allergies, I find that I always have products with perfumes that I am sensitive to even though I try to be careful when purchasing. Even though you may test the product by smelling it, sometimes the fragrance will get stronger once it has been used.  Then you will end up with an unused product.  When small samples can be obtained for one or two shampoos, this should help you to determine if you will be too sensitive to it and whether or not you want to purchase more of the product.

If there is a salon that you regularly visit to style and trim your existing hair or your prosthesis, they will probably be happy to help you to find the right products with a mild fragrance or natural ingredients that will not cause allergies or sensitivities. Some gels may need to be tested as well since they can also have a very strong fragrance at times. If you take some small empty bottles to the salon with you, they may give you some small samples

Other ideas for finding samples of light fragrance or fragrance free products might be stores such as Ulta, a local beauty supply store, or some of the stores in the local malls that provide cosmetics and salon quality shampoos and conditioners.

It will be a time saver if you call before going to visit some of the local salons and stores to see if they offer any small samples of shampoos and conditioners.  There may be a specific brand or line of products that you wish to inquire about trying before purchasing in a larger quantity.

Having sensitivities and allergies can be challenging, however when you find a fragrance that you are pleased with that does not cause sensitivity, all of the sampling and testing of the products will be worth it.