We have a selection of very light density short wigs with synthetic fiber. These wigs with short hair styles are very easy to care for.  They are a good solution for medical hair loss due to chemotherapy or other medical treatments when a side effect is temporary hair loss. The ease of care for the short hair wigs is very helpful when going through medical treatments since very little attention is required for cleaning, conditioning and styling.

Amy is the shortest of the synthetic wigs and the circumference is just a bit smaller as well. Tiffany is just a bit longer with layering. Brooke is the longer of the short styles and has the longer layers on the top for a little bit of a fuller look with bangs.

Sophie is the human hair short style and has a layered style. The cap construction is has the non- slip material with a combination of mesh lace materials.
Macie is the African American Wig with the short layered style available in human hair. The circumference for the wig is 21 ¼ inches. It is a very comfortable cap and will accommodate some room in the cap as the hair begins to grow in after the treatments have been completed.