Short Hair Wigs for Cancer Patients

There are specially designed wigs for cancer patients who may be experiencing scalp sensitivity while having medical treatments.  The Confident Reflections™ series of medical wigs provide soft base materials inside the cap for comfort.  A soft non-slip material is designed into the cap so that the wig will not slip or shift while on the head. 

There are a variety of human hair wigs for cancer patients. The Sophie is an extremely light weight and comfortable wig.  The base materials provide a breathable mesh cap with a special silicone non-slip material. This popular short human hair style can easily be washed and blown dry just as you would your naturally growing hair. The human hair has been specially treated to prevent tangling and provides ease of care. 

Synthetic wigs for cancer patients are another option.  They are extremely easy to care for.  The style is set into the fiber and will return each time that the wig is washed in cool or luke warm water. After washing, the wig is then placed over a tall bottle or a wire wig stand to air dry. Once dry, you simply brush and style. To provide additional comfort, it is recommended that you use a mild cleanser on the scalp daily and rinse well.  Also some women find it soothing to place a clean, soft cotton t-shirt material temporarily over the scalp while wearing the wig on days when there is extreme sensitivity or shedding of the hair.  A thin soft 100% cotton t-shirt material that is cut to fit underneath the wig works very well.  You can get several liners from one t-shirt.  Be sure to replace the liner with a clean one each day.  This will help to reduce the irritation that you might be experiencing and may also help when the hair is in the shedding stage.  This will keep the shedding hair from adhering to the inside of the cap of the wig.