Should I use heated styling tools on my wig?

The use of heated styling tools should be used with caution.  The wig that you purchase should include specific care instructions.  These instructions should be carefully followed to preserve the quality of the wig. 

Any type of heated styling tool, hot water, or exposure to heat should be avoided with synthetic fiber wigs.  Heat will cause permanent damage to the fiber.  All synthetic fiber wigs are designed to be cared for with cool or luke warm water when washing and conditioning. It is also suggested that are allowed to air dry and not be brushed until completely dry.

Human hair wigs require styling.  Only use heated styling tools if it is recommended by the manufacturer of the wig. Over time heated styling tools may cause damage to the hair.  To maintain the quality of the hair, setting the hair with rollers and allowing to air dry is suggested to minimize the heat damage to the hair.  Blow drying the hair on a cool or warm setting of the hair dryer also helps to reduce damage to the human hair used in wigs or hair prostheses. Just as naturally growing hair will be damaged by heat, a human hair prosthesis will damage over time with the use of the high setting on hair dryers, curling irons, and flat irons.

It is extremely important to follow the care instructions given to you by the provider of the wig. This will extend the life of the product and eliminate any unwanted damage to the wig.