Solutions For Women With Partial Hair Loss

Women experiencing hair loss that is an overall thinning or loss of hair on the top of the head may not want to wear a full cap prosthesis while they have some existing hair.

Here are some available options of Confident Reflections products which will be lighter weight option and can blend with your existing hair:

  • Overall light coverage integration unit-this consists of a cap that has cords with hair attached with openings for the existing hair to be pulled through.  It is very light weight and has very little structure to the cap. This will add a light volume of hair to your existing hair.
  • Overall medium coverage integration unit- this consists of a cap that also has a cord with hair attached so that the hair can be pulled through each of the openings. This will add a medium volume to your existing hair.
  • Full coverage on the top of the head with additional integration openings throughout the rest of the cap. A monofilament top provides the appearance that hair is growing from the top of the head combined with openings so that you can pull your hair through the sides and back of the cap.
  • Top of the head unit with clips to attach to existing hair-this has a monofilament top with some clips on the perimeter of the cap to attach to your hair.

If you have any questions or want to learn more about Confident Reflections, please give us at 770-453-9080.