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Have you ever wanted to give back and help someone else in your same situation? Now is your chance.

Women’s Wig Solution has a large audience of women who experience hair loss and are asking for your help in providing helpful information. Below we give you the opportunity to anonymously tell your story, share your experiences, offer the lessons you have learned, and give any recommmendations you might have. We will then post your story in our “Personal Experences” section of our website.

Tell your story and help somebody in your similiar situation get through a different time with learning from your experiences. Join the team and help us change the world together.

**Note: The form below only allows 1000 characters and you can not save your work as you type. If you would prefer, you can type your story in an email, Microsoft word, or NotePad and then email us the file at: [email protected].

Contact us if you have any problems or questions. Thanks for your time.