Why am I experiencing tangling at the back of the wig?

Tangling at the back of the wig is usually caused by the friction of the hair against other objects such as leaning against the sofa, a chair, a head rest in a car, or against a pillow. The friction causes the synthetic fiber or the human hair damage which will eventually cause it to tangle.

To help to prevent the tangling, be sure to brush out all of the tangles before washing. Apply a conditioner or detangling solution to the hair after washing and be sure to rinse well. It will also help to have the ends slightly trimmed by a professional stylist to remove the damaged ends.

The use of a satin pillow case will help to reduce the damage to the back of the wig. If you find that you are leaning against a favorite sofa or chair, it might be helpful to place a satin throw over the back of the sofa or chair.

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