Wig Comfort Tips

At times you might find that your scalp becomes very sensitive as a result of medical treatments or the hair loss process. If you find that you are experiencing itching or sensitivity of your scalp, a cotton liner may be used underneath your hair replacement, turban, or hat.

In the winter months when it is very cold, you can cut a 100% cotton t-shirt to a size that will fit comfortably underneath the hair replacement product. I have found from experience that even a small piece cut the size just to cover the crown portion of the head will help to alleviate the discomfort you might experience. This seems to be the most sensitive area.

In the summer months or if you will be wearing your hair replacement most of the time, a very thin 100% cotton liner will be a better choice. It will be much cooler. Be sure to leave the heat sensitive strip or tape strip exposed to the scalp area in order to keep your hair replacement secure so it will not shift and slide.

Keeping your scalp clean and conditioned will also help with the sensitivity. If you find it necessary to use cotton liners, you will benefit from using a clean liner each day. This will keep the oils from your scalp from building up on the inside of the hairpiece.

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