Cancer patients will benefit from synthetic wigs that have been designed with features that provide added comfort and that are structured with light and cooler materials. In many cases, women may find that the synthetic wigs designed for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy or other medical treatments may provide the most benefits while having their treatments.  These synthetic wigs are very easy to care for and are available in a variety of lengths to suit each individual style and need.

The inside of the synthetic wig cap is made with extremely soft base materials. Sometimes the scalp can become sensitive during the chemotherapy treatments and the soft mesh materials will help with that sensitivity. There are also areas in the wig cap with some non-slip material that will help to keep it from shifting.  This material adheres well to a bare scalp once the hair is lost during cancer treatments.

The simplicity of the synthetic wig regarding the wash and wear care is an important feature for the cancer patient. After washing, the synthetic wig is laid on a towel and the water is removed by gently pressing the wig with the towel. Then shaking the wig in the shower to remove any excess water is helpful. You can then place the synthetic wig over an open wig stand to allow it to air dry completely. Once the wig has finished air drying, you may lightly brush it out and the style will return each time. It takes very little care, time and styling.

Hand tied wigs will fit differently with hair underneath the cap. You can either wear a wig cap over the existing hair or if your oncologist feels that you will certainly be losing your hair due to the type of drugs used in your chemotherapy treatments, you may want to cut the hair shorter. Once the hair begins falling from the treatments, many women find it helpful to shave the hair once it begins to come out. This is a personal preference and you must do what you are most comfortable with. There is also a comfy band that can be used underneath the cap to achieve a better fit and also prevent the wig from shifting while on the head.

Some women find it helpful to have two of the synthetic wigs that are the same style. This allows them to always have a clean wig available at all times. This may be important and helpful at the time that you are having the chemotherapy treatments. Especially when you are making trips back and forth to the oncologist’s office or the hospital. Sometimes I suggest to the patients to visualize the wigs as part of their wardrobe. It is just another article of clothing that will help them achieve their own personal style. This will help them to have confidence and comfort while undergoing the necessary steps on the road to recovery.

Many women will choose a synthetic wig that is the closest shade and length to their own hairstyle. Some cancer patients will want to get a short wig as their treatment progresses since it will get closer to the time that their hair will be growing back in. This will take place several weeks after their treatments are completed. The timing for regrowth may be different for each individual. A shorter hairstyle may be chosen at this time until there has been significant regrowth of their hair.

Many times a short chemotherapy wig closest to their hair color is selected right away knowing that their hair will be coming back in a few months. Breast cancer patients may have a little difficulty with lifting their arms if having some surgery. The ease of care and comfort is appreciated while recovering from treatments.

Some women may prefer to have a Human hair wig to wear while they are having their treatments. They are good solutions for cancer patients with the stretch mesh and adjustable nape areas. An excellent solution is the short human hair wig with the silicone areas and stretch mesh. It has a reinforced nape area that stays close to the back of the head for a natural appearance.

There are a few accessories that may be helpful to have with your chemotherapy wig. A folding wig stand is open and allows your wig to air dry quickly since the air is able to circulate underneath the wig.

A chin strap will clip on each ear tab and go underneath the chin. This is adjustable for comfort and holds the wig in place for any necessary styling and trimming of the hair by your hair stylist. If you would like to have a more secure fit you may want to try a comfy band that will go underneath the wig. It will go underneath the wig and has a Velcro closure to adjust the fit and comfort.